BME Students’ Common Room General Guidelines

**If you are using the room, that means you have accepted all of the terms and policies detailed in this sheet**

  1. The room is open to the public (unlocked) from 8am to 5pm, Mon to Fri.
  2. The room should not be used between 1am to 5am under any circumstances. Hence, sleeping overnight in the common room is strictly prohibited. The executive in charge reserves the right to take necessary action in case of such an incident.
  3. Usage of the room during the weekends and after hours requires permission by executives in charge. More instructions will follow.
  4. The room is intended to be used by the Biomedical Engineering community. Other students are welcome to use the room if accompanied by BME students.
  5. In case of a big crowd, only BME students have priority and are allowed to use the room. Executives in charge reserve the right to respectfully ask the non-BME students to leave the room in such situations.
  6. Loud music or conversation is strictly prohibited by common sense. The room is surrounded by students’ and faculty’s offices and must not cause any disturbances.
  7. Users are fully responsible for their own belongings if anything is missing. Please do not leave anything behind.
  8. Please keep the room clean at all times. Users should clean the area and restore/rearrange the initial room settings after their usage. Cleaning supplies are provided if needed.
  9. If you host an event in the common room, please dispose of your trash externally and not in the room’s trash bins. The garbage bags can be left outside of the room to be collected.
  10. Please keep the white board clean all the time.
  11. All of the electronic devices including the TVs and gaming consoles must be turned off after use. The last user is responsible to make sure everything is off for energy conservation.
  12. In case of any major damages (determined by the executive in charge) to the facilities including the sofas, chairs, tables, microwave, kettle, TVs, gaming consoles and tables, the user shall be fully responsible for any cost caused by the damage.
  13. Misbehaviors of any kind determined by common sense and university’s laws are not tolerated in this common area. The executives in charge reserve the right to terminate the usage of the violators of this room and take appropriate actions to penalize them.
  14. More instructions will follow if needed!

Please cover your food before heating it up and wipe clean the microwave after you use it.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and consideration!